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The Signal Processing Education Network

Connexions is an innovative authoring and publishing environment.
• All content is free on the web and mobile device
• Strong and growing SP knowledge base
• 2 million+ unique visitor per month
• Over 1100 reusable e-text.
SP educators now have a repository of free interactive lablets.
• Interactive simulations to enhance learning
• Enable learners to explore SP topics
• Make abstract ideas more concrete
• Hands-on experience to visualize concepts
• Can be Integrated into Connexions content
• Over 1200 questions and answers
• Signal Processing Question Response system: Visit
• Question/Answer Database: Check out QuADBase.
• Track student progress
• SP intelligent tutoring system coming soon!

Engineering graduates need to be more engaged in their studies, skilled at working in teams, and prepared for industry expectations. The Signal Processing Education Network (SPEN) was created to break away from traditional education approaches and build a new framework where a vibrant network of educators and students collaborates to unify and strengthen the SP curriculum, make it more open and interactive, and share best practices.

SPEN participants are using the following online tools to transform education:

  • Connexions: One of the world's largest and most popular open education resources.
  • The IEEE Signal Processing Society/Connexions Project: A collaboration between the SPS and Connexions to provide quality control peer-evaluation of signal processing curricula in Connexions.
  • Interactive Simulations: Free and openly available interactive simulations provide students the ability to explore SP topics from a hands-on approach.
  • Question and Answer Databases of SP problems can be easily integrated into the curriculum and help instructors track student progress.

Join the network and get involved in a vibrant and growing community of signal processing educators. Share course, lecture, simulation, lab, assessment, and other materials. Use or re-mix othersʼ content. Volunteer to peer evaluate materials for the IEEE-SPS. Contact us today to get involved!