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Fall 2011 SPEN Workshop

The Singal Processing Education Network (SPEN) is a group of signal processing education champions who are committed to breaking away from the traditional textbook, lecture, homework-based education model and moving towards an ecosystem model where educators, students, and field practitioners continually interact, collaborate, connect, and explore interactive content. SPEN is developing new open-access e-textbook content in Connexions; interactive simulations in LabVIEW, Mathematica, and MATLAB; and a complementary database of problems and answers for student practice, assignments, and exams. Funding for SPEN has been provided by the National Science Foundation through the Cyberinfrastructure Training, Education, Advancement, and Mentoring (CI-TEAM) program.

SPEN has three primary goals. First, it will provide a forum for the exchange of best practices and tools for developing new content, simulations, and problems. Second, it will develop a content inventory and wish list for teaching a range of signal processing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Third it will develop a plan for expanding the network of champions to a globe-spanning ecosystem.

This is a very ambitious project, and your participation is crucial to achieving the network's goals. We invite you to participate fully and actively recruit your colleagues and friends to help revolutionize signal processing education. Register today to attend the Fall 2011 SPEN Workshop.

Check out the agenda. Learn about the Sprint. Register today!